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With the current COVID-19 pandemic drastically limiting in-person and face-to-face interaction, GFD has created the following resource pages to help limit your face-to-face exposure while maintaining the communication that is so vital to your business and your client families. Where appropriate, we have included links to external websites and services. Please note that GFD does not endorse any of these services, and we recommend that you do your research and weigh each vendor’s features and benefits against your own unique requirements.

09/20/2020 - BAO: Registrar's Directive: Province-wide cemetery gathering limits

07/30/2020 - BAO: Registrar's Directive: Stage 3 gathering limits / food & beverages

07/20/2020 - BAO: Registrar’s Directive: Additions to Stage 3 Attendance Limits

07/14/2020 - BAO: Registrar’s Directive: Phase 3 Attendance Limits

07/08/2020 - BAO: Registrar’s Directive: Masks and face coverings mandatory at indoor funerals and visitations 

06/30/2020 - BAO: Notice to the Profession: Expedited Death Response ends for LTC

06/17/2020 - BAO: Notice to the Profession: Expedited Death Response discontinued in hospitals effective June 17

06/16/2020 - BAO: Notice to the Profession: COVID-19 Testing for Bereavement Staff

06/15/2020 - BAO: Registrar rescinds prohibition on in-person witnessing at cremations

06/13/2020 - BAO: Revised Registrar’s Directive: Changes to funeral and visitation attendance

06/10/2020 - BAO: Registrar's Directive: Drive-Thru Visitations

06/09/2020 - BAO: Registrar's Directive: 10 is Still the Max

05/26/2020 - BAO: Registrar’s Directive: Organized groupings of visitors at funerals and visitations

05/26/2020 - OACFP Mental Health Resources

05/04/2020 - Toronto Public Health: COVID-19 Guidance for Funeral Homes

04/30/2020 - BAO: Notice to the Profession: COVID-19 Fees

04/23/2020 - BAO: Ontario Government Message: Critical Supplies and Equipment (CSE) Survey for Funeral Homes & Transfer Services

04/22/2020 - BAO: Registrar’s Directive: In-Person Witnessing at Cremations Prohibited
See also: Addendum to Registrar’s Directive

04/10/2020 - BAO: Procedure for Removals of Deceased from Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities
See also: COVID-19 Guidance: Funeral and Bereavement Services (ON - Ministry of Health)

04/08/2020 - OFSA Webinar: How to Navigate Preneed During COVID-19 (Video)
See also: Corresponding Reference Sheet (PDF)

04/07/202 - BAO Registrar’s Directive: 10 MAX or LESS in the entire funeral home at one time

General Reference:

COVID-19 Guidance: Funeral and Bereavement Services (ON - Ministry of Health)
See also: ON Ministry of Health COVID-19 Website

Health Canada: COVID-19 Updates

FSAC: COVID-19 National Update & Resources

BAO: Ready...together: Bereavement Authority of Ontario Updates 

OACFP: COVID-19 Updates and Guidance

OFSA: COVID-19 Resources

NFDA: Situation Update: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Social Distancing & Flattening the Curve (Wikipedia)


Pam Moss: It is Never Too Late To Grieve

It is important to be aware of innovative and new ways to leverage technology during this time. It’s how GFD has been able to continue providing reliable service to our Members through the current crisis, and it’s how you can help weather the storm until things get back to normal. We have compiled a list of solutions and resources to help you leverage technology for your organization:

Click here for more information.

You may find that a small number of your client families either can't make their scheduled prepayments or wish to cancel their contracts altogether, due to the the widespread disruption and uneasiness in their lives.

The good news is that there are a variety of solutions available that can allow them to keep their funding either fully intact or allow them to postpone their payments until their current situation stabilizes. GFD has prepared a helpful summary of options your client can take advantage of:

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You will likely have to shift some of your client interactions to an online format in order to present, share, and collect important information. Fortunately there are a number of resources and advice GFD can provide to help guide you through this process:

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What is Member Connect?
Member Connect is a new video series by GFD created to provide new insights and perspectives on a range of topics. The show will feature interviews and topics that are top of mind for Canadian Bereavement professionals and their client families.

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Press Play on Preneed (Webinar)
While many in the bereavement sector are shifting their resources to at-need or halting their preneed programs altogether, we'll share why now is the time to put more focus on your preneed program.

Click here view a recording of the Press Play on Preneed Webinar. 


GFD: Committed to Canada's Bereavement Sector

At GFD, we are committed to providing you with solutions to support, promote and secure your future business - it's in our Mission statement and in everything we do to serve our Members.

Be sure to bookmark this page ( as we will continue to update it with breaking news, helpful tips, and resources to help you help your communities.

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We recommend that callers who are having difficulty reaching us by telephone contact us via email at [email protected]. Our Member Care Team remains vigilant in monitoring and providing timely responses to all emails received in order to serve our Members efficiently.