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Our Preneed Management Program provides Members with all the tools, coaching, training and services needed to succeed in their preneed business. We help our Members start, expand or improve their preneed services by conducting comprehensive preneed analyses, setting sales goals, providing training, and developing marketing campaigns to fit each Member’s budget.

An effective and well managed Preneed Management Program has the potential to grow a business considerably. We offer the following services to Members:

In-Person and Online Training

Members hone their skills through our in-person and online training modules. GFD training programs provide our Members and their staff the tools needed to shorten sales cycles, book more appointments, market more effectively and improve closing rates.  

Marketing Support

Our Members have access to a variety of promotional materials designed to increase visibility and educate their local community. Some examples include: preplanning and funding product brochures, promotional videos, planning and aftercare guides, electronic surveys, direct mail and seminar promotional materials, customizable advertising templates and social media content. All of these items can be browsed via our Members only password protected website.GFD Members also receive a listing on, our consumer website.

Customized Aftercare Programs

An Aftercare Program is designed to assist families with completing funeral protocol such as filing forms and collecting other necessary infomation. Aftercare services are also an opportunity to educate families who have an interest in preplanning. We assist our Members with setting up an effective Aftercare program.   

Complete Seminar/Event Planning

Hosting information sessions or seminars establishes trust in your community and is a great way to educate your families and potential clients on the benefits of preplanning. GFD Members are assisted with calculating costs, choosing a venue, content creation, speakers and promotion of the event.