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Friends of GFD

Ontario Funeral Services Association (OFSA)

The Ontario Funeral Service Association is the leader in advocacy and ethical business advancement for the independent and family owned funeral homes in Ontario, providing Members with professional development, support, resources and peer networks.


Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals (OACFP)

The Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professional (OACFP) is a non-profit, provincial death-care associtation.  They promote a high standard of service and the professional operation of cemeteries, crematoria, funeral homes, funeral transfer services, and related bereavement suppliers and services.

Funeral Service Association of Canada (FSAC)

The Funeral Service Association of Canada (FSAC) provides programs and services to enhance and promote the value of the funeral profession.


INEX Closing Affairs

Since 2000 INEX has been supporting the deathcare profession with products offering support and guidance to client families.

Closing Affairs is a complete and comprehensive guide to estate settlement, a necessary step that all families are required to face. This resource provides support in a variety of ways, including definitions, contact directories, processes, letters, spreadsheets, online support and so much more.


Live Memorial Services allows you to offer live streaming worldwide to your client families. Combining an easy-to-use, intuitive web based interface with a proven video streaming platform, Live Memorial Services allows you to schedule and manage services for multiple clients at once. Visit for more information.