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Helping clients understand and pre-plan for their last wishes leads to growth and prosperity for your establishment. Working with GFD has the following benefits for Members:

  • Increased competitiveness – GFD carries a wide range of financial products which allows Members to be more competitive, because clients can choose the product that best fits their investment habits, finances and lifestyle. This gives Members a competitive edge over those who offer fewer funding options to clients.
  • Business growth with training – The training that we provide free of charge allows Members to reach and communicate effectively with interested clients. This helps to build pre-need business and results in a consistent growth rate for Members. Our training in product knowledge, presentation delivery, and seminar management has had a proven success record as documented in case studies of Member establishments.
  • Return on investment – We help Members calculate the rate of return on investment for the marketing campaigns they undertake. This gives them a clearer view of their marketing efforts and helps maintain the finances of their marketing campaigns.
  • Savings in terms of marketing costs – Our free of charge marketing materials means significant cost savings to the Member as they do not have to incur the cost of hiring a marketing company or an in-house marketing professional to design unique and compelling marketing materials.
  • Savings in terms of consulting costs – Our free of charge pre-need consulting services means significant cost savings to the Member as they do not have to hire expensive consultants to assess ways to improve pre-need business
  • Enhanced reputation – the training and tools we provide equips Members to deliver a professional and well-rounded service to their clients, which leads to a good reputation in the community.
  • Visibility – Hosting information sessions, group presentations and conducting marketing campaigns, increases the visibility of Member’s establishment in the community
  • Up-to-date reporting – Our website contains current and historical monthly, quarterly and yearly pre-need sales reports to help Members assess their past and present pre-need performance.
  • EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer deposits are quick, efficient and hassle-free.
  • Free online tools – Our website contains a secure password protected section for Members where they can access reports, forms, applications, marketing resources and online training sessions.


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